Writing a Business Video Script: Ask the Write Questions

Most of the heavy lifting for a business video script begins before you start writing because, to begin, you need to have solid ideas about the scope and focus of the video. To launch your video script project, first thing you’ll want to do is to arrange for an initial interview with the key stakeholders and/or subject-matter experts. In the interview, you can get your ideas flowing by asking the typical journalistic questions (who, what, when, where, why, how) about the business video, and taking copious notes on the answers.

Who questions. Who is the audience for this video? Who in your company should I be speaking with in order to write the script?

What questions. What do you hope to accomplish with this video? Are you showcasing your company, or a specific product or service? What results do you hope to achieve by launching this video?

When questions. When do you need this video (we will need to count back in time so we can fix a deadline for the video script)? Have you allowed for enough time in the schedule to develop a great video script and storyboard?

Where questions. Where will this video be shot? Does the script need to reference the location? If other visuals will be included, will the script need to reference what is shown?

Why questions. Why do you want this video to be created? Why would someone want to watch this video?

How questions. How should we best describe and illustrate, with this video, what you are trying to get across?

Having answers to these questions puts you in a great position where you are armed with information and ready to go on to the outline/storyboard step.

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