BeneVerb provides a full range of editing, messaging, and writing services.

Data sheets. Data sheets typically describe technical features and benefits of a service or product to help customers understand what is being offered. BeneVerb’s writers produce high-quality data sheets that inform and engage.

Brochures and white papers. Brochures and white papers are promotional pieces that introduce and explain a company, a product, or a service to a specific audience. Content for brochures and white papers needs to be believable, preferably including third-party quotes and validating comments from third-party sources.

Websites, blogs, and SEO writing. The best websites include content that is clear, concise, and believable. Effective messaging and use of relevant keywords, in blogs and on websites, catches the attention of both human visitors and web crawler programs. BeneVerb writers create rich, interesting content that engages your audience and increases traffic to your site.

Video scripts. These days, videos are being widely used to tell stories about companies or products. A well-written script is key to the success of any video, and BeneVerb has deep and broad experience in creating video scripts that tell compelling stories and bring ideas to life.

Ghost writing and editing. You’ve heard of ghost writers: writers who create copy that is then credited to another person. BeneVerb does ghost writing, but ghost editing as well, where you write the first draft and then we polish it to perfection.

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